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Langdon Bottle Depot Return Rates

At Langdon Bottle Depot Ltd., our friendly and knowledgeable staff aim at making your recycling process convenient and simple. We offer cash for beverage containers, bottles, cans, and more. If you’re not sure where your items should go that’s no problem – our staff would be happy to help you sort through them. On this  page, you can see a detailed list of eligible containers and return rates. If you have any questions about what materials we accept, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Containers 1 Litre or Less

We pay 10 cents for containers of 1 litre or less, including:

Containers Over 1 Litre

We pay 25 cents for containers over 1 litre, including:

Fun Recycling Facts

  • We use about 392 cans per person per year.
  • Laid end to end, the containers recycled in Alberta last year would circle the earth 8 times!
  • Half of all polyester carpet manufactured in the US is made from recycled soda bottles.
  • Aluminum cans first appearance in America was in 1953.
  • Aluminum cans typically have a recycled aluminum content of about 55%.
  • Recycling aluminum saves about 95% of the energy it would take to produce aluminum from its original source, bauxite.

Container Types, Sizes and Refunds


0-1L:  $0.10 & >1L:  $0.25

Glass containers are crushed and the glass is formed into tiny glass beads. In Alberta, the glass is spun into thin strings (like cotton candy) and used to make fiberglass insulation. In other parts of the world, glass is sometimes put into the mix for sandblasting material and added to street paint (clear glass only) to make it more reflective. 96.75% is recycled with 3.25% waste including caps, corks and dust.


0-1L:  $0.10 & >1L:  $0.25

Other plastic containers, such as coloured PET or those made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) containers are recycled into pellets for use in manufacturer of new non-food plastic products. Over 80% by weight are recycled with less than 20% being contaminants.


0-1L: $0.10

Aluminum cans are recycled back into new aluminum cans. It takes less than 60 days to recycle the used aluminum containers and turning them into new consumable beverage containers.


0-1L:  $0.10 & >1L:  $0.25

In Alberta, clear PET containers are recycled into flakes or pellets for use in manufacture of new food grade beverage containers. In other parts of the world, PET is recycled into textiles like clothing and carpet. Over 80% of PET weight shipped is recycled with less than 20% being labels, caps and contaminants.


0-1L:  $0.10 & >1L:  $0.25

Tetra Brik containers (part of the Polycoat group) are made up of three material types: paper, aluminum and plastic. Each container goes through a hydro-pulping process that separates the three different material types. 80% of Tetra Brik is extracted into fibres or paper pulp and used in the manufacture of new paper products. The 20% residual aluminum and plastics are also recycled.


Pouch 0-1L:  $0.10 & Bag in a Box >1L: $0.25 & Poly Cup:  $0.10

Material from drink pouches and Bag-In-A-Box bladders are used for energy recovery through gasification (incineration) due to scarce end markets. Boxes from Bag-In-A-Box style containers are fairly coarse, and can be recycled into tough paper objects like cardboard boxes.

Fair Bottle Depot Return Rates in Langdon

At Langdon Bottle Depot Ltd., we are committed to offering our clients competitive return rates for their beverage containers. We also believe that recycling is an easiest way to keep our community clean and safe. This is why, we offer fair prices for bottles and cans.

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